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Your Life In Your Hands: Personal Safety Tips for Women with the ABC DEFENSE

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SITUATION #1: You're in your front yard, watering your plants, when a car screeches to a halt at the foot of your driveway. The man driving the car shouts, "I'm from the school! Your son fell down on the blacktop during recess and is badly hurt! He's been taken by ambulance to the hospital! The school sent me to drive you there!" Fearing for your son, your panic welling up inside you, you immediately climb into the car, which speeds away... SITUATION #2: You're strolling leisurely through the mall. Suddenly a man appears right next to you, and you feel something sharp in your side. "Don't say a word," whispers the man menacingly, holding a knife against your side. "Come with me and act normal, or you'll get hurt." Terrified, feeling the touch of the blade, you decide that to avoid harm your only course of action is to do exactly what he says... SITUATION #3: Still reeling from last night and your boyfriend's latest vicious verbal assault and threats to hurt you, you open your front door to find a vase filled with a dozen roses, sent by him, along with a note of abject apology in which he writes: "I don't know what got into me, sweetheart. But you have to know that I would never hurt you. I love you more than mere words can express. You're my precious angel on earth." The tenderness in his note reflecting the man you first fell in love with, you think, "I love you, too" -- and you decide to forgive him and take him back. Forgiveness is, after all, a virtue... In each of the preceding situations, your reactions were the correct ones, right? WRONG! If you had reacted as indicated, you very likely would have ended up being seriously harmed -- and probably worse. Predators and criminals are always out there -- or perhaps even in your own home -- ready and willing to victimize you. And they have many tricks and subterfuges at the ready to employ in making you their victim. do you correctly and effectively handle the above situations and other dangers and threats to your safety? How do you avoid becoming a victim? Lila Reyna, women's self-defense expert and creator of the ABC DEFENSE system, tells you exactly how in the concise, information-packed pages of YOUR LIFE IN YOUR HANDS. By reading and studying this book, by taking Lila's lessons to heart, and by acting upon them, you will drastically lower, or even eliminate, your chances of becoming a victim. And in so doing your life will, truly, be in YOUR hands.

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Your Life in Your Hands

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