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Transgenda - Abuse and Regret in the Sex-Change Industry  ([transgender non-fiction)

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Author Bookstand is proud to offer Transgenda - Abuse and Regret in the Sex-Change Industry  ([transgender non-fiction) by Bookstand Publishing. Bookstand Publishing offers books by the best indie authors throughout North America and the world. Bookstand Publishing is dedicated to offering original content to a broad audience and promoting great authors, literacy, and freedom of expression. Transgenda - Abuse and Regret in the Sex-Change Industry  ([transgender non-fiction) has generated a lot of interest and excitement and we think it would be an excellent addition to your library.

Book Description

Transgenda breaks the taboo! This book says what most people secretly believe: that sex change is impossible. The majority of the population is opposed to the transgender movement, yet it continues because it’s not politically correct to criticize it.

This book explores the transgender phenomenon in depth, and determines it to be a massive fraud. Topics include:

  • the suspicious reclassification of gender identity disorder, now called gender dysphoria
  • the damaging effects of hormone treatment on transgender children
  • sex-change regret and detransitioning
  • the shockingly high suicide rate among the transgender population
  • indoctrination programs aimed at recruiting normal kids to become transgender
  • the banning of counseling that could help trans kids
  • the abysmal track record of the psychiatric profession in dealing with gender-confused individuals
  • the oppression of free speech with regards to transgenderism
  • behind-the-scenes corruption that allows the insanity to persist
  • media propaganda to promote the transgender movement
  • legal issues- bathroom bill, ID changes, disclosure issue, etc.

The book is highly critical of the sex-change concept, but at the same time is compassionate towards trans people. The author feels that these people are delusional- a conclusion they eventually reach themselves. It does them no good to feed their delusion. That is neither respectful nor helpful. Their real friends would have talked them out of transitioning. The medical and psychiatric professions are exploiting these people for their own profit. The government will not help. Even the transgender community turns its back on trans people who have regrets. Who is really looking out for these people?

Transgenda is written from a secular point of view. The author does not represent any group- religious, political, or social. The author does believe in God, but is not a church-going person, nor a Bible scholar. He speaks for the secular masses who constitute the silent majority. The author is not a doctor or psychiatrist, but it is his firm belief that this is not the domain of the medical profession. The average person knows as much about sex change as any doctor, because there is no such thing. The author has done extensive research on the subject, and concluded that massive corruption is responsible for the transgender madness that is sweeping the globe.

The author is not a gay-basher, and he is not judgmental. He is basically supportive of gays and lesbians, as long as it involves consenting adults only. He does not support the transgender movement, because it is not consenting adults only. It involves unwilling participants and children. The author supports LGB, but not T.

The book explores various theories of what might cause one to become transgender. The author speculates about possible causes, but does not make any definitive statement on that. What he does find is that regardless of the cause, the conclusion is always the same: true gender change is impossible.

Transgenda debates many ethical questions inherent in the transgender movement. Among them are: the needless sterilization of children, the violation of the rights of non-trans people, and the obligation of trans people to disclose to their partners.

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